Bronchiectasis is a respiratory condition that causes airway walls (breathing tubes) to widen from chronic inflammation and/or infection [25718]. People with bronchiectasis have a persistent cough, excess mucus and sometimes obstructed airflow into the lungs.

Bronchiectasis is common among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and Aboriginal children have one of the highest reported rates of bronchiectasis worldwide [34452]. It is also common among adult Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people [33500].

Improving rates of bronchiectasis among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations requires an understanding of the social determinants that can contribute to higher rates of disease, such as environmental, economic and cultural factors [44719]. Additionally, culturally appropriate education and health promotion resources can help to inform Aboriginal families of symptoms and risks, to reduce disease burden [35871].


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Bardil by Hughie Brent

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