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The following questions are a guide to assist you in submitting this information so that it can be considered for inclusion on the Healing portal.

Understanding the impact of colonisation and integenerational trauma and grief

  • Tell us about how the project was informed by an understanding of the relationship between colonisation and subsequent intergenerational trauma in the community?
  • How did the project assist participants to manage these issues?

Developed to address issues in the local community

  • How did the project identify an understanding of the nature of trauma at a local level in the community where the project was implemented?
  • How did the project connect and build on local strengths and resources and overcome gaps or barriers in local service infrastructure?

Driven by local leadership

  • What was the governance structure that guided implementation of the initiative?
  • How were key community members, service providers and others engaged in the process?

Have a developed theory and evidence base

  • What theory and evidence was used to inform the work that was undertaken within the project?
  • How did the project balance cultural practice with therapeutic practice or combine these to assist with healing?

Combine Western methodologies with Indigenous healing

  • How was local cultural practice incorporated into the project?
  • How did the project balance cultural practice with therapeutic practice or combine these to assist with healing?

Build individual, family and community capacity to manage trauma

  • What stategies were implemented to provide trauma-informed, culturally safe and secure healing support?
  • What approaches were adopted to support individuals, their families and the broader community on their healing journey?

Proactive rather than reactive

  • How did the project address the causes rather than just the symptoms of trauma in the community?

Incorporate strong evaluation frameworks

  • Did the project have clearly identified aims and objectives and was it specifically targeted to a group within the community? (eg. men, women, young people)
  • What data measurement or evaluation systems were established to help track outcomes of the project to ensure success?

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