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Health promotion resources

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the resource, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Year Author Type
Asbestos cement products in the home: environmental health guide 2006 Western Australian Department of Health Environmental Health Directorate Factsheet
Asbestos: A guide for householders and the general public 2012 Environmental Health Subcommittee (enHealth) Booklet
Be a Friend to Your Dog 2015 Animal Management in Remote and Rural Indigenous Communities Resource package
Bush tech #42: water treatment 2008 Salvestrin, H. Centre for Appropriate Technology Factsheet
Bushlight - renewable energy for remote Aboriginal communities 2013 Parish, T. Audiovisual
Clean up Moreland campaign 2010 Moreland City Council Poster
Climate change in northern Australia: information on climate change for Aboriginal people living in the north 2014 Griffith University and CSIRO Report
Cultural burning in the rainforest 2014 Living Knowledge Place Audiovisual
Deadly tenants, deadly homes 2013 Western Australian Department of Housing Audiovisual
Don’t let Thursday Island burn 2013 Volunteering Queensland Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Book
Environmental health fact sheet no. 600: Turbo Burner Incinerator 2008 Northern Territory Government Department of Health and Families Factsheet
Facts on rats 2004 Western Australia Department of Health Public Health Division Brochure
Fight the bite radio ad - Pitjantjatjara 2011 SA Health Audiovisual
Fire safety in your home: protect your family – protect your life 2015 Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia Booklet
Get Ready Queensland fact sheets and emergency plan 2016 RACQ Get Ready Queensland Resource package
Githabul fire project 2014 Living Knowledge Place Audiovisual
Healthy communities healthy environment 2000 Department of Health and Ageing and enHealth Council Poster
How a septic tank works 2011 Torzillo, J. Audiovisual
How design can help fight poverty 2013 Pholeros, P. Audiovisual
How to keep your dog free from gut diseases 2010 Animal Management in Rural Remote Indigenous Communities Leaflet
Important information for creating happy homes 2011 New South Wales Aboriginal Housing Office Booklet
Keeping dogs healthy 2010 Pakam Media Audiovisual
Kyena 2014 Inception Strategies Comic
Maintaining an on-site wastewater system [fact sheet no. 504] 2015 Northern Territory Government Department of Health Factsheet
Maningrida - clean faces strong eyes (trachoma song 2012) 2013 UncleJimmyThumbsUp Audiovisual
Mosquito-borne diseases 2016 Northern Territory Centre for Disease Control Factsheet
Ngurrara 2 Way Learning Project 2015 Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation Audiovisual
Ntaria - Uncle Jimmy & Milpa say 2013 UncleJimmyThumbsUp Audiovisual
Paper Tracker radio show - Update from Housing SA [Radio program 251] 2016 The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker Audiovisual
Problems with your electricity, gas or water? Here’s what to do 2010 Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria Leaflet
Protecting your home against dengue outbreaks: bush tech #49 2010 Nadarajah, H. Factsheet
Ready, set, go! 2013 Volunteering Queensland Audiovisual
Remote housing 2015 Northern Territory Department of Housing Resource package
Requirements for the use of rainwater tanks 2014 Northern Territory Government Department of Health Factsheet
Robbie the dodger 2015 Inception Strategies Comic
Sharing the dreaming [mobile app] 2013 Department of Parks and Wildlife Electronic source
Stayin' strong: dogs in communities 2011 Brisbane Indigenous Media Association Audiovisual
Stayin' strong: heater fire safety 2011 Brisbane Indigenous Media Association Audiovisual
Staying safe around dogs: part 1 & part 2 2016 Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities Audiovisual
Team sports 2014 Brisbane Indigenous Media Association Audiovisual
The Gooniyandi seasons calendar 2012 Davis, J. Street, M. Malo, H. Cherel, I. Woodward, E. Poster
The MalakMalak and Matngala plant knowledge calendar 2011 Woodward, E. Lindsay, B. Kuwarda, H. Miljat, F. Pirak, R. Waliwararra, K. Poster
The Ngan’gi seasons calendar 2012 Woodward, E. McTaggart, P.M. Yawulminy, M. Ariuu, C. Daning, D. Kamarrama, K. Ngulfundi, B. Warrumburr, M. Wawul, M. Poster
The Wagiman plants and animals calendar 2012 Liddy, M. Huddleston, J. Banderson, T. Woodward, E. Wagiman/TRaCK Steering Committee Poster
The Walmajarri seasons calendar 2013 Nuggett, J. Nuggett, A. Bangu, N. Woodward, E. Poster
Unflued gas heaters and your health 2005 enHealth Council Leaflet
Unwelcome strangers: weeds on Aboriginal country 2012 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Audiovisual
Uwankara palyanku kanyintjaku: health promotion songs 2004 Nganampa Health Council Audiovisual
Waste and recycling 2010 Moreland City Council Poster
Weeds in the rainforest 2014 Living Knowledge Place Audiovisual
What is a disaster I hear you say 2011 Volunteering Queensland Dunwich State School of North Stradbroke Island Book
When the flood came to Cherbourg 2013 Volunteering Queensland Book
Why walking is good for you 2014 Brisbane Indigenous Media Association Audiovisual
Your climate change 2015 Living Knowledge Place Audiovisual
Last updated: 11 September 2017
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