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Related publications


Stuart J, Hoang H, Crocombe L, Barnett T (2017)

Relationships between dental personnel and non-dental primary health care providers in rural and remote Queensland, Australia: dental perspectives.

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Retrieved 19 June 2017 from


Do LG, Spencer AJ, eds. (2016)

Oral health of Australian children: The National Child Oral Health Study 2012-14.

Adelaide: University of Adelaide Press

This publication provides a detailed snapshot of child oral health in Australia. It describes the levels of dental caries and its components, dental fluorosis and other oral health conditions. It also describes other protective factors such as tooth-brushing and the use of fluoridated toothpastes. The use of dental services by children so as to manage existing oral disease and to contribute to the prevention of dental caries are detailed. Important information of the patterns of dietary intake that might impact on child oral health are presented. The report describes patterns of oral health status and behaviours of a nationally representative sample of Indigenous children. Further, socioeconomic inequalities in child oral health and behaviours are examined. Finally, the report presents information on child oral health using frameworks that emphasise variation by the socio-economic characteristics of children's households and their reported pattern of dental service use across Australian states and territories.

Abstract adapted from editors

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A community engaged dental curriculum: a rural Indigenous outplacement programme.

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An exploration of the priority remote health personnel give to the development of the Indigenous Health Worker oral health role and why: unexpected findings.

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Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract


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A phase II clinical trial of a dental health education program delivered by Aboriginal health workers to prevent early childhood caries.

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Kimberley Dental Team (2012)

Kimberley Dental Team: strategic plan 2012-2016.

Midland, WA: Kimberley Dental Team

The plan outlines the strategic direction for the Kimberley Dental Team over four years. The team predicts the following outcomes:

  • Aboriginal children will understand and practice good dental hygiene
  • Aboriginal adults will be aware of the value of dental hygiene and expect to keep their teeth for life
  • teaching staff and healthcare workers are confident and competent in delivering dietary and dental health education in a way that is engaging and positive
  • infrastructure is available that is encourages good dental health
  • capacity to extend the organisations model to all Australian children in need.

Abstract adapted from Kimberely Dental Team

Lalloo R, Evans JL, Johnson NW (2012)

Dental care provision by students on a remote rural clinical placement.

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health; 37(1): 47-51

Last updated: 6 March 2018
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