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General: National


National Disability Insurance Agency (2016)

National Disability Insurance Agency reconciliation action plan 2016-2017.

Canberra: National Disability Insurance Agency


Australian Human Rights Commission (2014)

Equal before the law: towards disability justice strategies.

Sydney: Australian Human Rights Commission

This report by the Australian Human Rights Commission provides insight of where equality does not exist for Australian people with disabilities in the criminal justice system. This is particularly relevant for Indigenous people who have disabilities and are in contact with the justice system, seeking equality. The report findings resulted from a wide-ranging consultation process to identify how people with disabilities, deal with the barriers they experience to equality before the law. The report also highlights services and programs that improve equality before the law for people with disabilities, and sets some directions by which change may occur.

Abstract adapted from Equal before the law: towards disability justice strategies

Biddle N, Al-Yaman F, Gourley M, Gray M, BrayJR, Brady B, Pham LA, Williams E, Montaigne M (2014)

Indigenous Australians and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Canberra: ANU Press

This document intends to inform future policy development of the National disability insurance scheme, (NDIS) and thereby assist Indigenous Australians in accessing support services appropriate to their cultural and geographic needs, sharing in opportunities available to the general Australian population, and participating fully in the economic and social life of their community.

The first part of the document aims to identify and assess the range of disability service delivery models available in order to overcome the barriers to accessing disability support services experienced by Indigenous Australians.The second part of the document analyses existing quantitative data sets to ascertain the extent and nature of disability in the Indigenous population, and how this varies according to geographic remoteness and key population groups.

Chapters two and three provide background and contextual information which is relevant to the disability service needs of the Indigenous population and how the NDIS can best meet the needs of Indigenous Australians. Chapter four considers the existing statistical evidence regarding the extent and nature of disability in the Indigenous population, the data gaps and how these gaps can best be filled. Chapters five to eight focus on issues concerning the delivery of disability services to Indigenous Australians as part of the NDIS. Some possible models and approaches to service delivery are discussed and, drawing upon the available evidence base, the advantages and disadvantages of different models are outlined. The final chapter integrates the conclusions and offers recommendations.

Abstract adapted from Indigenous Australians and the National Disability Insurance Scheme


Victorian Government Department of Health (2013)

National practice standards for the mental health workforce 2013.

Melbourne: Victorian Government Department of Health

This report has been produced for the mental health workforce to provide information on the national standards for practice and service delivery in mental health. The report is an update of the 2002 National practice standards for the mental health workforce, and is aimed at the following professions:

  • nursing
  • occupational therapy
  • psychiatry
  • psychology
  • social work.

The report lists 13 practice standards, which cover mental health practice across the lifespan (children, young people, adults, and older people).

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract


Australian Attorney-General’s Department (2012)

National human rights action plan.

Canberra: Australian Attorney-General’s Department

National disability agreement: intergovernmental agreement on federal financial relations (2012)

Council of Australian Governments

Last updated: 19 June 2017
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