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1 Association between short sleep duration and body mass index in Australian Indigenous children 2018 Deacon-Crouch, M. Skinner, I. Tucci, J. Skinner, T. Journal article
2 Sustained participation in annual continuous quality improvement activities improves quality of care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children 2018 McAullay, D. McAuley, K. Bailie, R. Mathews, V. Jacoby, P. Gardner, K. Sibthorpe, B. Strobel, N. Edmond, K. Journal article
3 Paediatric invasive Haemophilus influenzae in Queensland, Australia, 2002-2011: young Indigenous children remain at highest risk 2018 Cleland, G. Leung, C. Wan Sai Cheong, J. Francis, J. Heney, C. Nourse, C. Journal article
4 Transition to adult care for Aboriginal children with rheumatic fever: a review informed by a focussed ethnography in northern Australia 2018 Mitchell, A.G. Belton, S. Johnston, V. Ralph, A.P. Journal article
5 Health service utilisation amongst urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged younger than 5 years registered with a primary health-care service in South-East Queensland 2018 Hall, K.K. Chang, A.B Anderson, J. Arnold, D. Otim, M.l O'Grady, K.F. Journal article
6 Maternal incarceration, child protection, and infant mortality: a descriptive study of infant children of women prisoners in Western Australia 2018 Dowell, C.M. Mejia, G.C. Preen, D.B. Segal, L. Online journal article
7 Report on government services 2018, volume F: Community services 2018 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
8 What is known about pathways to mental health care for Australian Aboriginal young people?: a narrative review 2018 Kilian, A. Williamson, A. Online journal article
9 Report on government services 2018, volume B: Child care, education and training 2018 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
10 Assessment of fetal kidney growth and birth weight in an Indigenous Australian cohort 2018 Diehm, C.J. Lumbers, E.R. Weatherall, L. Keogh, L. Eades, S. Brown, A. Smith, R. Johnson, V. Pringle, K.G. Rae, K.M. Online journal article
11 The NICE-GUT trial protocol: a randomised, placebo controlled trial of oral nitazoxanide for the empiric treatment of acute gastroenteritis among Australian Aboriginal children 2018 Waddington, C.S. McLeod, C. Morris, P. Bowen, A. Naunton, M. Carapetis, J. Grimwood, K. Robins-Browne, R. Kirkwood, C.D. Baird, R. Green, D. Andrews, R. Fearon, D. Francis, J. Marsh, J.A. Snelling, T. Online journal article
12 Closing the Gap Prime Minister's report 2018 2018 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Report
13 To close the health gap, we need programs that work. Here are three of them 2018 Cohen, N. Carapetis, J. Kildea, S. Electronic source
14 The management of children with bronchiolitis in the Australasian hospital setting: development of a clinical practice guideline 2018 O'Brien, S. Wilson, S. Gill, F.J. Cotterell, E. Borland, M.L. Oakley, E. Dalziel, S.R. Online journal article
15 Quality of social and emotional wellbeing services for families of young Indigenous children attending primary care centers; a cross sectional analysis 2018 Edmond, K.M. McAuley, K. McAullay, D. Matthews, V. Strobel, N. Marriott, R. Bailie, R. Online journal article
16 Child protection and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children 2017 Smart, J. Report
17 Online remote primary health care manuals 2017 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Electronic source
18 Participatory systems approach to health improvement in Australian Aboriginal children 2017 McDonald, E.L. Bailie, R.S. Morris, P.S. Journal article
19 CARPA standard treatment manual: a clinic manual for primary health care practitioners in remote and Indigenous health services in central and northern Australia 2017 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
20 Participation of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in a parent support programme: longitudinal associations between playgroup attendance and child, parent and community outcomes 2017 Williams, K.E. Berthelsen, D. Viviani, M. Nicholson, J.M. Journal article
Last updated: 22 February 2018
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