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About the bibliography

The Australian Indigenous HealthBibliography is a comprehensive bibliographic database produced by the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, Faculty of Education and Arts, Edith Cowan University. It includes up to date bibliographic records for Indigenous health literature. The HealthBibliography, provided free of charge by the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, is updated almost every day.

The HealthInfoNet uses a broad definition of health and endeavours to include literature from a wide range of issues relating to Indigenous health, many of which lie outside the direct responsibility of the health sector, such as cultural, social, and environmental contexts of health. Comprehensive collection of relevant literature from all these areas is beyond the scope and capacity of the HealthInfoNet, however, so coverage of these areas is incomplete.

What can be found in the HealthBibliography?

The HealthBibliography comprises records of published reports, books and book chapters; journal articles; and unpublished 'grey literature'. Grey literature indexed in the HealthBibliography includes theses; unpublished government and non-government organisational reports; discussion and working papers; statistical documents; fact sheets; and selected conference papers.

The time period covered for all literature is from 1915 to the present. There are currently over 20,000 bibliographic records in the database.

How do we identify the publications?

Bibliographic records are regularly identified from a variety of sources, such as health-related databases and indexes; publisher websites; online journals; the websites of government agencies, non-governmental organisations, and independent research centres; online Australian university library catalogues and databases; and by the use of search engines, such as Google and Google Scholar. We are also notified of new literature by users posting information on our message stick (listserve), or through communication with other researchers.

How do I access the HealthBibliography?

To search the HealthBibliography on our website, please view our 'Search' page. Alternatively, you can search for references by viewing the various topic specific bibliographies in the various sections of the website.

The latest version of the bibliography is also accessible on the CD-ROMs ATSIhealth and AUSThealth. Both CD-ROMs may be available in your local library.

Last updated: 10 July 2009
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