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Lin IB, Ryder K, Coffin J, Green C, Dalgety E, Scott B, Straker LM, Smith AJ, O'Sullivan PB (2017)

Addressing disparities in low back pain care by developing culturally appropriate information for Aboriginal Australians: 'My Back on Track, My Future'.

Pain Medicine; 18(11): 2070-2080

Lin IB, Bunzli S, Mak DB, Green C, Goucke R, Coffin J, O'Sullivan PB (2017)

The unmet needs of Aboriginal Australians with musculoskeletal pain: a mixed method systematic review.

Arthritis Care & Research; Accepted Articles( 1-25

Rahman N, Gruber D (2017)

The burden of musculoskeletal conditions in Australia: a detailed analysis of the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011.

Canberra: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


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Disabling chronic low back pain as an iatrogenic disorder: a qualitative study in Aboriginal Australians.

BMJ Open; 3(4): e002654

Retrieved 9 April 2013 from

National Ageing Research Institute (2013)

Kimberley healthy adults project: guides for clinicians.

Perth: Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing

These guides were developed as part of the Kimberley healthy adults project and aim to assist clinicians working with older Indigenous people living in rural and remote communities. The guides are not intended to provide information on how to diagnose or treat conditions, but rather as a guide to the predictors of these conditions and to identify interventions.

The guide provides information on the five major topics of the Kimberley healthy adults project:

  • falls
  • physical pain
  • continence support
  • depression
  • dementia.

Abstract adapted from Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing

Pham C, Gill TK, Hoon E, Rahman MA, Whitford D, Lynch J, Beilby J (2013)

Profiling bone and joint problems and health service use in an Australian regional population: the Port Lincoln health study.

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Lin IB, O'Sullivan PB, Coffin JA, Mak DB, Toussaint S, Straker LM (2012)

‘I am absolutely shattered': the impact of chronic low back pain on Australian Aboriginal people.

European Journal of Pain; 16(9): 1331–1341

Last updated: 22 January 2018
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