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Associate Professor Sheree Cairney

Research Project Manager
Flinders University Northern Territory, PO Box 4066
Alice Springs NT, 0871
Tel: (08) 8951 4700
Fax: (08) 8951 4777


Associate Professor Sheree Cairney is a cognitive neuroscientist currently holding the position of Senior Research Project Manager at the Centre for Remote Health.

In her current position, Sheree leads the national Interplay Project, which measures wellbeing using a framework that encompasses the interplay between culture, community, empowerment, education, employment and health  in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; The project provides a means to evaluate the impact of interventions and inform policies using a holistic concept of health. She is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living in remote regions across the Northern Territory to assess the brain-behavioural and wellbeing consequences of substance use and mental health problems, as well as the development of strategies to overcome these.

Sheree previously led the Menzies School of Health Research, No Smokes Project, which provided an interactive anti-smoking website and package of educational resources and tools developed specifically for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders teachers and health practitioners. The research that Sheree has conducted has established culturally relevant assessments of brain function and social and emotional wellbeing and has been used to show brain function recovery with abstinence from petrol sniffing and alcohol abuse, as well as neuropsychological changes related to kava and cannabis use.

She is currently investigating brain behavioural relationships in mental health and substance use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and is involved in the development of creating appropriate methods to communicate the concepts.

Sheree received a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council, a Science Media Fellowship at Ultimo from the Australian Academy of Science in 2005 and a scholarship for secondment to Brown University from the Australian Academy of Science in 2009.

Last updated: 10 July 2017
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